IPL/SHR Super Hair Removal

IPL hair removal technology has advanced, and we’re on board. Welcome Super Hair Removal (SHR). We’ve been looking forward to seeing you in our beauty clinic. This technology is effective on both hair removal and skin renewal including acne treatment.

Let’s take a moment to explain the terms.

IPL = Intense Pulsed Light

In this treatment, your qualified therapist uses a wand that emits light. This light absorbs melanin (the dark pigment in your hair and skin) and haemoglobin (the red colour in your blood vessels). The light converts to heat, which damages the target cells without disrupting the skin’s surface. During treatment, your therapist moves the wand to each skin patch. You feel a warm sensation like a rubber band flicking your skin.

SHR = Super Hair Removal

SHR uses IPL technology though it uses less heat, and the wand glides smoothly along the skin producing a warm tingling sensation. As IPL/SHR uses less heat than the older technology, treatment can be done on lightly tanned skin.

Most hair and skin types are suitable for this treatment. Still, we always start with a complimentary 30-minute consult to assess your personal scenario.

IPL/SHR is most commonly used for permanent hair removal. There are benefits for skin pigmentation but more about that later.

Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the best results for permanent hair removal. The technology works best on hair at different growth phases. Individual hairs are generally at different growth phases. While treatment may have the desired initial outcome, some hair may grow back. Ideally, retreatment takes place every 4 – 6 weeks for 4-6 treatments. There are things to avoid before each treatment. Click here for details.

Prices below are per treatment. Get in touch with us about package pricing

Ready to achieve your beauty goals?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments help even out a variety of uneven skin pigmentations, such as:

  • flat, benign pigmented lesions (freckles, sunspots and general pigmentation)
  • facial vascular lesions (spider veins, red spots and broken capillaries)
  • diffuse redness, rosacea and red scarring
  • poikiloderma (redness, pigmentation and a spotty look to the neck and/or décolletage)
  • uneven skin colouring
  • sun damage

IPL combines light and heat to treat propionibacterium acnes. It also shrinks sebaceous glands to stop overproduction of oils that cause acne.

Every treatment is custom-designed to your personal scenario. You will need approximately 4-6 sessions to achieve best results. Sessions will be monthly. Your skin therapist will assess your skin and goals during your 30-minute complimentary consultation and discuss a treatment plan.

Prices below are per treatment session. Get in touch with us about package pricing

What you'll need to know...

As IPL/SHR involves energy and heat being applied to the skin’s surface and preparation is required to ensure that you are ready for your upcoming appointment.

If you are concerned about the practise, it is always best to seek medical advice from your health practitioner. We have put together some general advice for you to consider:

1. Initial consultation

Before we start treatment, we meet with you to determine your skin colour, hair colour and goals. We discuss what to expect and perform a patch test. If you have any adverse reactions to this test, it is not recommended to proceed with treatment.

We need you to stop shaving at least 2 days before your initial consultation so your therapist can see the colour of the hair to be treated. After you have had your initial consultation, test patches and first treatment, you may continue to shave between future appointments.

2. Before your appointment

In order to obtain the best results, avoid the following in the weeks before your treatment:

  • Avoid tanning (sun exposure, solariums or fake tans) for 2 weeks prior to treatment. Use a 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Best to shave a night before your IPL appointments and avoid sun exposure a least 3 to 5 days before appointments.

3. After-care

Your skin may be more sensitive to heat, sweat and friction. It is helpful to use aloe vera gel on the area as it has good healing properties.

Please avoid the following for the first 48 hours:

  • Chlorinated pools, spas and saunas.
  • Using skin firming agents.
  • Hot showers or baths, cool showers or baths offer relief.
  • Avoid sun exposure. Use high-level sun screen 30+ to protect your skin for 2 weeks after each treatment.
  • Aggressive scrubbing or exfoliating until treatment area has returned to pre-treatment condition. Then exfoliate the treated area daily. Start approximately 4 days after treatment.

4. Treatment-specific after-care

In the first 7 days after treatment, there is a possibility that the severity of the acne may increase due to follicular irritation and/or induced inflammation from the therapy. It should resolve within a further 7 days with an improvement in the acne severity. Additional treatments should be delayed until the treatment site returns to a more normal appearance.

The pigmented area will darken after treatment. This is normal and desired as the pigment is hardening and will exfoliate off. This will occur within 5-7 days post-treatment for facial areas and 10-14 days post-treatment for other body areas. The skin may be slightly reddened during this time. Do not pick or remove scabs/crusting, as this will help decrease the chance of infection or scarring.

The veins will become grey/lighter and begin to partially resolve within 10-14 days post treatment.

Appearance of hair growth or stubble will appear 7-21 days post-treatment. This is not new hair growth but the treated hairs being purged from the follicle.

5. Further notes and thoughts

There is no link between IPL and negative effects for pregnant and lactating women. It is your choice whether or not to receive treatment, though we prefer that you wait.

Avoid tanning (sun exposure, solariums or fake tans) for 2 weeks prior to treatment. Use a 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen.

Stop waxing, plucking, bleaching and using depilatory creams or electrolysis for at least 3-5 weeks before your initial consultation. You may continue to shave during this time.

Having any of the following medical treatments means that IPL/SHR may not be a suitable treatment for you:

  • History of seizures
  • Severe dermatitis or eczema within the treatment area
  • Active infections such as Herpes Simplex
  • Roaccutane use in the past 6 months
  • Herpes 1 or 2 in the treatment area
  • Very dark skin

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