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Your well-shaped eyebrows can completely change your look. Our faces are all unique and our eyebrows need to compliment your features. They are not meant to be perfectly identical. They are sisters, not twins.

We use eyebrow mapping tools and techniques to measure your features to determine the ideal length and shape of your eyebrow. In the consultation, you let us know whether you are looking for a thick or thin style; with a sharper arch or natural arch; and if you prefer a dark, light or medium look. We then use one of our techniques including semi-permanent tattooing and tinting to give you the look that you are after. Professional brows, right here in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Also known as microblading, we insert temporary ink into the dermis layer of the skin to fill in any gaps and reshape your brows to suit your face. Take a look at the style options below. Each service takes 2 hours to complete.


Soft curve brows include simulated hair strokes combined with our own colour technique. This blends with and mimics your natural hairs to give a realistic brow look. Results last between 18 and 24 months.


Misty contour brows are a graduation of dense colour to soft colour. It is a powder-finish look for a more filled finish but is still a natural look. This heals true to colour and lasts between 2 and 5 years.


This look is a combination of simulated hair strokes and powdered fill. We place hair strokes at the start of the brow and graduate powder for the rest of the brow for a defined look. Results last between 2 and 3 years.

Thinking of semi-permanent tattooing for your brows? There are a few things to consider to ensure this treatment is right for you. Click the button to learn more.

You are in the right spot for professionally-styled eyebrows with a natural and/or deeper look. Professional shaping with wax and tweezers is included as well as finishing with a nourishing brow oil.


Your eyebrow makeover includes professional shaping using wax and tweezers. Then, semi-permanent dye is applied to your brows to achieve a darker and fuller look. We finish the treatment with a nourishing brow oil.


Henna gives a deep, natural, flawless look to your eyebrows. It is a plant-derived alternative which is free from peroxide activators. It is generally safe for sensitive skin. Henna brow treatments are durable, smudge-proof and last approximately 4 weeks.


Brow lamination is a brow hair texturising treatment. We soften the hair follicle using a chemical treatment, then reshape or set it into a more refined, lifted and smoother shape. Treatment includes a fresh tint, henna or dye.

If you have had a semi-permanent treatment on your eyebrows and are unhappy with the way it looks, it is possible to lighten and reduce the effects of the treatment. Alternatively, we could touch it up to refresh the pigment and shape.

We do this in a natural and safe way using a product and technique that produces effective results without scarring, pain or eyebrow hair loss.

This saline-based procedure for removal does require multiple treatments and we recommend that you get in touch for a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals.

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Ready for some new brows?

Ombre brows

What you'll need to know about tattooing or microblading...

As brow tattooing (also known as microblading) involves making micro cuts in the skin to place pigment in specific spots, we take the utmost care in hygiene and preparation to ensure that you are ready for your upcoming appointment.

1. Initial consultation

Before the brow tattooing appointment we meet with you to determine the best look and shape for your eyebrows. We discuss what to expect and do a patch test at the back of your neck near the hair line. If you have any adverse reactions to this test, it is not recommended to proceed with brow tattooing.

2. Before your appointment

At your consultation, you will receive a slip with details of an anaesthetic cream (or numbing gel) to purchase from a chemist. Pharmacy 194 located at 194 Durlacher St, Geraldton supplies this for us. The cream contains Lignocaine 5%, Tetracain 2% and Adrenaline 0.02%. Please pick up the cream at least 24 hours before your tattooing appointment.

We are not able to supply this cream due to legal reasons but the chemist is able to.

3. After-care

It can take 4 weeks for this skin to heal after your tattooing appointment. Here are some general tips for caring for your brows but your stylist will go through them in detail as it is specific to your treatment:

  • Apply the after-care cream daily
  • Keep the brows dry for a few days or until they are healed
  • Avoid applying make up, creams and scrubs to your brows while they are healing

As the skin heals, the tattoo will fade by approximately 20-40% of its original colour and shrink. It may seem like a lot of fading but this has been taken into consideration when it was first applied.

Tiny scabs will form in your eyebrows but it is important to avoid scratching them as this will result in patchy eyebrows.

We suggest scheduling your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. This is a one-hour session where we perform any touch ups in shape or gaps to create the perfect brows. This services is included in the package price.

4. Optimising your brows

As this is a semi-permanent treatment, your tattoo will fade after 12-24 months. It is recommended to limit their exposure to UV and sunlight as well as exposure to anti-wrinkling products especially those that contain glycolic and Retin A.

We recommend returning for an annual touch up appointment 12 months after the initial treatment to retain your new look. This appointment is 1.5 hours long and is $200.

Is it safe to have brow tattooing with my health condition?

If you are concerned about the practise, it is always best to seek medical advice from your health practitioner. We have put together some general advice for you to consider:

As the anaesthetic could enter the blood stream, we do not perform brow tattooing on pregnant clients. It is advised to choose a different method to enhance your brows such as tinting or henna.

We need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks before performing brow tattooing as it can interfere with your previous treatment. In the meantime, we can use tinting or henna to enhance your brows.

We will perform a patch test at the consultation appointment where we place a micro cut and pigment at the back of the neck near the hairline. If you have a reaction within a few hours, it is advised to use henna to enhance your brows instead.

This condition could affect healing. It can take longer than normal and you will need to take extra care in the aftercare procedures. It is possible for the tattooing colour to turn out ash or light coloured.

As our anaesthetic cream contains adrenaline, it is advised to choose a different method to enhance your brows such as tinting or henna.

Unfortunately, the tattoo may not heal properly in clients undergoing chemotherapy. It is best to wait until you are on a break or completed. We require a doctor’s certificate to let us know that it is safe to perform tattooing.

We can perform brow tattooing if you are taking blood thinners but the results may turn out light and patchy. This may be rectified with additional touch-up appointments.

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